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Little moments, Big memories

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Routine nights out are done!
No more blindly following your chums to the first available bar.

With Supermiro Le Club, discover with us the gems hidden in and around Luxembourg.

Supermiro Le Club is where you will find your next headquarters and meet new people.

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Need to take a break? To leave the kids with the babysitter?
To leave behind the projects piling up and the deadlines ticking?

We hear you loud and clear! With Supermiro Le Club, let's disconnect!

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You want to share a surprising moment with your +1, a friend, a colleague, your manager?

To create new memories that will last a bit longer than chocolate in the sun (or your hidden drawer)?

Here, find unexpected events, hidden spots and many good deals handcrafted with passion, just for you.

Surprises, here we come!

Supermiro Le Club

In just a few words...

Supermiro Le Club gives you exclusive access to CHANGE the way you go out in (and around...) Luxembourg. Find Experiences, Good Deals, original Tours designed and negotiated with our local business partners JUST FOR YOU, our "supermembers".

Each month, discover new experiences: culture, restaurants, drinks, walks, tours, visits, family activities. Pick your favorites, book or buy them online and let us guide you.

The Supermiro team is here to pamper you, sneak you into fun places in the area, test and prepare for you memorable experiences at negotiated rates. All that's left for you is to enjoy your free time with your family, friends or partner in crime.

Supermiro Le Club is only available to employees whose companies chose us to take care of their free time. If you want to join the club, click the button below and we'll go whisper in your boss's ear.

I want to join the club

Ongoing experiences

You don't want to miss them!

Foot with your team, 5 against 5!

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Lunch with show cooking in 1h flat!

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Enjoy (almost) the whole menu!

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THE breakfast that is worth its weight in gold!

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Try Pole Dancing !

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Let's pamper your employees!

In charge of human resources?

With Supermiro Le Club, take care or your employees by giving them a chance to live original experiences in local businesses, on their own or as a team.

Show them that you care about their free time and that their balance is important to be fulfilled team members!

If you're looking for gift ideas to celebrate important career milestones, Supermiro Le Club suggests each month new, original, 100% local ideas. Also perfect to refine your CSR strategy!

Contact us and we'll tell you more!

Want to become a super hero, a routine breaker, an experience creator?

Artist, restaurant or bar owner, lama handler, ice sculptor, Mullerthal survivor, you have ideas of experiences or good deals that Club members would love? We absolutely want to hear about them :)

I want to create an experience with you