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How to be part of Supermiro Le Club?

Supermiro Le Club is reserved for employees of companies that have subscribed to our platform.

Do you need to go out differently, to see something else, to live unexpected moments?

You dream of becoming a member, just contact us, give us the name of your employer, and we'll go and whisper in your employer's ear and convince him that YES you deserve to be pampered, very pampered!

How to contact us?

If everything is not cristal clear or if you have any trouble breaking our little words. You can contact the crazy team of Supermiro Le Club 24/7 via our form.


If it is about an experience, a good deal or a tour, please specify the name and the date of this outing so that we can answer you as fast as lightning ⚡️


In case of emergency, we recommend you to avoid the hours of activity of the albino short-haired bats, that is to say to remain quiet, in the night between 7pm and 9am! 😜


Covid News

Our partners put everything in order for you to be safe! Sanitary measures are put in place for each experience or good plan.

If the Covid-Check is mandatory for the experience or for the good deal, we will inform you so that we are sure the organization is under control!

If you feel the need, you can even contact our partners directly for even more details (as crisp as they are!). 

I can't login to my account!

No panic! We'll see it together! 

  • Are you well connected to the internet (yes, sometimes that's the problem and we don't realize it 😂)
  • Has your employer subscribed to Supermiro Le Club for you and the whole company?
  • Did you receive your onboarding kit with the "employer secret code" inside?
  • Is the professional email address you entered the right one? No typos?


Normally that should be fine! ☀️

You want to receive our communications on another email address? (member only)

Go to your account here and you will be able to modify your email preferences.

This way, you will receive all the news from Supermiro Le Club even at your personal address, so you won't miss a thing! And to have your order confirmations at hand. 

Want to change your password? (member only)

Hop hop go to your account here and you can change your password.
"123456" doesn't count, nor the name of your favorite furry beast 🐈. Here you have to put a password worthy of 007, which includes: special characters, numbers, upper case, lower case... the total!

How to book an experience ? (member only)

Follow the guide, it's supereasy:


  1. An experience caught your eye? Make your choice (this is the hardest part, isn't it?)
  2. Choose the date and time that suits you best
  3. Select the number of slots (depending on the experience there may be a limited number)
  4. Hop hop validate everything and go to payment

It's going to make some people happy 😀  

How to book a good deal? (member only)

Every good plan is different but the base is the same:


  1. Choose your deal (be careful, they are hot and they fly like stars!)
  2. Validate and book it (it can be paid in advance or not, it depends on the deal)
  3. The countdown is on! ⏱️ Once booked, your deal can be used 1x for the duration of it. ⚠️ Don't forget it, it would be a shame!

No more slot available, how to do it? (member only)

As we don't want you to miss anything, we have thought of everything! If there are no more slots available for you experience, you just have to register on the waiting list. This will appear directly on the experience form.


Once places become available or new dates are added we will send you a terrific message! ✉️

This info is of course confidential, no names will be disclosed, not even Xavier Bettel's.

I can't finalize my purchase (member only)

Nobody is perfect, you would have found a small bug? Our informagician will give you a helping hand: this way.